Mariah Carey is in hot water with mathematicians, who are unhappy about her interpretation of one of Einstein's equations.

The Touch My Body singer has named her latest album E=MC2, which references the famous scientist's mass-energy equivalence formula.

However, Mariah has appropriated the meaning as "emancipation equals Mariah Carey times two", which has riled the boffins.

Speaking to BBC News, Dr David Leslie said the singer had made a slip up in her interpretation.

"The 'two' in the equation means C squared, not MC multiplied by two," he explained.

"The correct reading of the equation is E=MCC, so perhaps Mariah's re-interpretation should have been 'emancipation equals Mariah Carey Carey'?"

Meanwhile, Mariah recently claimed she would like to turn Marilyn Monroe's classic movie The Prince And The Showgirl into a West End stage spectacular, reports the Daily Star.

"I like the idea of doing it but it's all down to the time," she said.

29/12/2008 11:49:20