Mariah Carey has tried to turn her experiences of sexual harassment ''into a positive''.

The 48-year-old singer has admitted to having experienced sexual harassment in the work environment, but Mariah has tried to turn the situation on its head by adopting the most positive outlook possible.

Asked whether she supports the #MeToo campaign, she explained: ''How can I not? I'm all for people speaking their truth.''

Mariah subsequently revealed that she's experienced harassment in her work, but she doesn't allow herself to dwell on the negativity.

She told The Guardian newspaper: ''I try to cope with many things by turning a negative into a positive. Even if it's just escaping an awkward moment.''

Asked whether her experiences of harassment were fleeting or more sustained, Mariah added: ''A bit of both, but I definitely don't want to get into it in this interview, so don't hate me, darling.''

Mariah accused her first husband, record executive Tommy Mottola - whom she was married to from 1993 until 1998 - of controlling her during their turbulent relationship.

And although Mariah has experienced controlling men in other aspects of her life, she admitted that her first marriage was particularly damaging.

The 'We Belong Together' hitmaker - who has six-year-old fraternal twins Moroccan and Monroe with her second husband, comedian Nick Cannon - said: ''That had less of an impact on my life than being in a completely controlling relationship.''

Mariah believes her relationship with Tommy ultimately helped to make her a stronger person, although she also admitted it has had a damaging impact on her life.

She reflected: ''When you have to control your own emotions constantly and be aware of every move you make and pretty much ask permission to exist it affects your life.''