Mariah Carey has seen the funny side of a navy ship's alternative video to her festive season classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' after a video went viral of the Hms Ocean crew miming to the hit on their way back from a long stint away on duty which saw them patrol war-torn Libya.
The video was uploaded to popular video hosting site YouTube on December 2,, 2011 and has been viewed more than 65,000 times since; featuring a large number of the crew on board - including many soldiers who were on patrol in Libya - the service men and women singing from the decks, with some more boisterous members of the crew opting for cross and fancy dress. The end is nothing short of spectacular as several of the crew arrange themselves lying down so as to spell out the name Hms Ocean at the video's end.
The video has tickled the song's original performer Mariah Carey; the star recently re-recorded the song herself with Justin Bieber, but still had time to appreciate the send-up, taking to Twitter to write "This is the best thing I've ever seen, you guys just made my day! Happy Happy Christmas!!! xoxo to the troops". They'll be more than made up with that.