Mariah Carey is craving fruit.

The singer is currently expecting her first child with husband Nick Cannon and has found her body has changed a lot and is particularly amazed by how her food tastes have altered.

She said: "My fingers obviously swelled a little bit. I can't even get this ring off if I tried. My taste bud situation is unparalleled... I don't know what it is, but I'm just about fruit for some reason. It has to be really good for me to like it."

The 'Hero' hitmaker also revealed she is unsure how she and Nick will spend Christmas this year as doctors have recommended the couple skip their annual festive trip to Colorado ski resort Aspen.

She explained to US TV show 'Extra': "I can't go there this year because of the altitude. We're figuring it out. Looking at different options."

Though Mariah is craving fruit, she enjoyed a feast of vegetables when she cooked for herself and Nick on last week's Thanksgiving holiday, which they spent quietly at home.

Mariah said: "I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I did cook... what I cooked was the best thing of the holiday. I'm sorry but it was. I cooked mashed potatoes and corn."