Mariah Carey has been confirmed as one of the new judges for 'American Idol', the new series getting under way next year. Speaking on the phone in front of a slew of television critics gathered by Fox, Carey said "I am so excited to be joining 'Idol.' I wanted to be there today and I wish I could've been there to tell you, but I think you know this all kind of just happened real quickly, so I can't wait to get started in a couple months."
Figures haven't been confirmed about the fee that the pop diva will be receiving, with estimates of $17 million starting to look a little off, $12 million for her first season now being mooted. The departing Jennifer Lopez was reportedly on $20 million plus bonuses for her second and final season. So is Carey a good call to get in by 'Idol' bosses? Despite the money and her undoubted star power, the real judgement of her success will be over the long term and the course of the entire series, whilst of course we'll have no idea about how she might play off the other judges given that there is still one slot to fill. Carey does though give increasingly eloquent and up front interviews on the few occasions that she grants them, giving hope that she will be an insightful addition to the team.
Certainly from Carey's perspective though, it's now a perfect role for her; having seen the difference it's made to the career of Jennifer Lopez, the star finds herself in a similar situation to Lopez before she joined - a multi-million selling artist who was starting to fade a little from the public eye - and will no doubt see this as a fillip for her.