Superstar Mariah Carey has blamed long working hours and a severe lack of sleep for the fall which resulted in her dislocated shoulder on the set of a music video last month (Jul13).

The Hero hitmaker took a tumble while shooting the new promo, directed by her husband Nick Cannon, and had to be admitted to hospital to treat a cracked rib and have her right arm put in a sling.

The incident has left the singer struggling with nerve damage, but she insists no one was to blame but herself.

She tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, "It wasn't Nick's fault, it was my fault. Honestly, I had been working for a really long time, and you know how when you're posing... I was posing, and my arm... was shaking at that point - so it was very fatigued. And about the ninth take, the 10th take... I was on a roll darling, a roll... and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor baby, on cement."

Carey has refused to let the injury derail her promotional duties for her new film, Lee Daniels' The Butler, and she has continued to appear at press conferences and walked the red carpet at Monday's (05Aug13) New York premiere with a bejewelled sling.