Simonette DaCosta launched legal action in January (15), claiming she did everything for the former couple's twins, Moroccan and Monroe, when they were infants, but was fired from her full-time position when Carey realised her kids were becoming too attached to their carer.

The plaintiff alleged she was let go without her full pay and sued for back wages and other damages.

However, lawyers for Carey and Cannon have since hit back at DaCosta, insisting the nanny was paid everything she was supposed to earn.

The defendants claim any other hours that went unpaid were because of "her failure to inform her supervisors of all time worked" and they are seeking to have the suit thrown out of court, according to

DaCosta has yet to respond to the accusations.

Meanwhile, Carey has quietly settled another lawsuit, filed against her by former assistant Ylser Oliver, who accused the pop superstar of owing her overtime payments prior to her quitting the post last June (14). The terms of the deal are confidential, reports the New York Daily News.