LATEST: Mariah Carey's mooted biography was cancelled because she reportedly asked for too much money, not because of her new manager BENNY MEDINA.

According to PAGE SIX gossip columnist CINDY ADAMS, the original story that Medina - once Jennifer Lopez's manager - 'killed' the book deal after taking over as Mariah's new manager earlier this month (OCT03), is untrue.

Adams writes, "(publisher) MORROW's book people put it differently.

"They're whispering she wanted $5 million. When that wasn't happening, she slid to $3 million. When that wasn't happening and the number was stabilising at something maybe near $500,000 maybe, things got icky. Also sticky.

"The more it was talked about, the less enthusiastic the publishers got. They realized she wouldn't be revealing anything revealing, they realised they needed a writer, they realized nothing they were hearing was worth that money."

Adams claims Medina made out he was responsible for killing the proposal, so Mariah could avoid embarrassment.

30/10/2003 13:27