Mariah Carey signed on for American Idol this week, and show bosses have wasted no time in getting some fresh publicity shots out there. The superstar diva only gave birth to twins last year, and it's been suggested the latest shots could have been tampered with, somewhat.
Wearing a skin-tight sequined orange dress, with one hand on her stomach, Mariah smiles down the camera lens in the first official publicity shot. Though she's rarely been seen in public in recent months, Mariah largely looks like the Mariah of old, apart from her ridiculously tiny waist. suggest, "Mariah Carey hasn't even started the job yet, and she looks like she's already dropped 20 pounds ... and possibly lost some lower ribs and an internal organ or two in the process". The Twitter universe has also reacted to the image, with one user saying, "American Idol Promo Nips Mariah Carey's Waist a Tad Too Much! C'Mon Idol!", while another offered, "Love Mariah Carey's hilarious promo picture for American Idol. This is Mimi right there. Are those her arms and waist?". Another user joked, "Just as it's become practice to I.D. actors as "Oscar-nominated" I think Mariah Carey's intro should include "the always-photoshopped".
American Idol bosses have now turned their attention to filling the one remaining spot on the judging panel, with Brad Paisley and Pink among the early contenders for the job.