Mariah Carey put out a fire which started under her feet.

The 41-year-old singer was preparing to take to the stage in Egypt last night (17.05.10) when a power surge caused an electrical fire to start beneath her.

The US star jumped straight into action and bravely extinguished the flames with a nearby towel.

Reflecting on her ordeal, she tweeted: "Naturally, my emergency instincts kicked in and I put out the flames w/a towel. Lol (yet true).(sic)"

Mariah later added: "The funny thing about this ish is an ol'skool radio station in the other room started playing 'aww freak out!' @that exact moment!(sic)"

The 'Butterfly' singer - who is now back on her way back to America - later admitted she was surprised more of her friends haven't called to check she is OK after the terrifying accident.

She wrote: "Appalled U didn't tweet to see if I'm ok after the fire incident in Egypt! (Said in my diva theatrical accent: ) (sic)."

Last year Mariah put out a blaze at the home she shares with husband Nick Cannon.

The singer was celebrating Valentine's Day (14.02.09) with her actor husband when a fire broke out in their master bedroom.

She later recalled: "Nick had given me an enormous amount of roses, so I picked up the vase and poured out the roses, and went back and forth from the bathroom putting out the flames with water... I'm good in a crisis."