Mariah Carey thrilled a young Hawaiian fan on pal Oprah Winfrey's TV show recently after falling in love with the 12-year-old's voice.

Winfrey's producers delighted the youngster, PAUL ROBBINS, on his 12th birthday by inviting him to appear on the US daytime show - after he sent a video message to Winfrey featuring him singing his favourite tunes.

But the youngster had no idea his heroine, Carey, had agreed to meet him in Los Angeles to help him prepare for his big performance - with her pal and musical director, American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

Carey says, "He had this beautiful tone and it was something that seemed like it was meant to be... His voice is just angelic."

The youngster appeared on the OPRAH show yesterday (02MAR05), where he sang Carey's hit Hero.

After his performance, Robbins was offered a recording contract by gospel label Verity. The track will be produced by Carey.

03/03/2005 09:56