Singing superstar Mariah Carey sleeps in a waterproof steam-room that lubricates her larynx and protects her legendary voice. The 37-year-old, whose voice spans a staggering five octaves, refused to allow the MTV Cribs film crew access to her bizarre boudoir, but has let slip its secrets in a new interview. Her bedding is all made from towelling, which soaks up the water, and all her fixtures and fittings are protected by glass or waterproof materials. There's no room for a man in Carey's life - unless he doesn't mind accommodating her odd night-time routine and sleeping in a wetsuit among a wacky waterfall scene. Carey explains, "Literally I'll have twenty humidifiers around the bed. Basically it's like sleeping in a steam room. The bed is all terry-cloth, the ceiling is pitched so the water can't fall on my head, and it drips down to my side, and the TV is behind glass."