Mariah Carey was so desperate to be the belle of the ball at her high school prom she staged a keg party at her boyfriend's home to raise funds to make her dreams come true.

But the pop superstar still feels guilty about charging friends and schoolmates to come to her party, where the single keg of beer she provided ran out in minutes.

She admits her then-bouncer boyfriend helped her stump up a small fortune, which allowed her to realise her prom dreams.

She recalls, "He was charging people like how he liked them - if he liked them, they could get in for cheaper; if he didn't like them, they had top pay like $10. "We raised like $1,000-something, so we paid for our limo and my dress, which I had specially made by a lovely woman... and my prom dress was a scandal - it was like a one-shoulder number, white, with the midriff open... with a slit towards the bottom."

But Carey wasn't crowned prom queen, which left her devastated at the time, but now she accepts she would have made a bad school royal.

She explains, "It really wouldn't have been appropriate for me to win because I didn't participate much in class."

14/05/2005 01:08