Mariah Carey never wore perfume before agreeing to create a scent for Elizabeth Arden, because she was unable to find a fragrance which compliments her natural smell. The 36-year-old finds the complex job of blending numerous fragrant ingredients comes naturally to her as it is a very similar process to songwriting. She says, "It's gonna be the first fragrance I'm ever gonna wear because people are always, like, 'What perfume do you wear?' And I'm like, 'Nothing, it's probably my hairspray or me.' So now I'll have an actual perfume. "I'm just sort of approaching it kinda like making a record... When you make a perfume it's like each little part of the fragrance is kinda like a note, so the fragrance is like a song." Under the new Elizabeth Arden deal, Carey will develop and market her own line of fragrance products which will debut in department stores next year (07).