Mariah Carey was so convinced her marriage to former Sony boss TOMMY MOTTOLA would end suddenly in disaster and leave her penniless, she insisted on keeping track of her own money.

The pop superstar suggests she had trust issues with her ex throughout they're short marriage a decade ago, because she insisted on paying half of everything and never went anywhere without her cash pocketbook.

She says, "Even though I owned that house, the only thing I felt I owned was my pocketbook.

"He (Mottola) didn't even know why I always had my bag with me. But in my mind I thought, 'If something jumps off, I'm ready.' I lived like that for a long time."

Carey admits that part of her past financial insecurity came from being a poor child who owned nothing.

She adds, "I could never look at something and say, 'I own this.' In this one house, I would sit in this porcelain bathtub and touch it and think, 'Someone actually owns this... Nothing in this house belongs to me.'"

29/04/2005 20:03