Mariah Carey is reluctant to become a mother because she's worried her children will suffer the same bad media treatment she's received.

The CHARMBRACELET singer, 35, is prepared to wait until her career in the public spotlight dwindles before she starts a family, so her kids won't be forced to be part of her celebrity lifestyle.

Carey, 35, says, "But for me, it's a very big commitment to have a child. Even just as a famous person, to bring a child into the world, you have to think about how to explain it to them, because they're not choosing to come into the life of a celebrity, they're going to be born into it.

"I'd want them to live freely and not be victimised by any kind of weird pressures or things that we as celebrities deal with.

"I don't complain about it because it's what I chose."

10/04/2005 14:24