Mariah Carey blames her early showbiz training for turning her into an uptight and evasive interviewee who refused to give long answers.

When she first launched to fame, the HONEY singer often frustrated journalists and TV chat show hosts by failing to talk candidly about her private life, preferring instead to reply in single lines.

However, Carey insists she's much more open and friendly in interviews now - because she's forgotten the bad lessons she was taught years ago and has learned to be herself.

She says, "For so long I'd sit there like I was being interviewed by (US TV show) 20/20. Now I want to have fun 'cause that's my personality. When I started out I was trained to just sit there and give a one-line answer and move on. Don't trust anyone. So I was taught to be uptight.

"As a new artist you are told, 'Don't be seen carrying a bag from the store. Don't play with your hair as you answer.'"

01/04/2005 17:30