Sexy singer Mariah Carey is teaching her male friends how to air kiss so they don't mess up her make-up.

The R+B beauty spends a lot of time getting ready for a night of partying and she's always horrified whenever a man makes a mess of her carefully-applied cosmetics with his lips.

She says, "Let's say you're at a party and you're a female and you've gotten yourself together - your dress, you've got your make-up on and stuff.

"And then some guy who's been hanging out dancing, sweating, drinking, comes up and he'll give you a huge kiss on the cheek and your make-up is completely a wrap.

"Most of them you have to teach it's just the air kiss. And then we save the make-up, but we get the closeness, we get the familiarity. It works."

13/05/2005 09:12