Sultry singer Mariah Carey has so much expensive lingerie, she has devoted a whole wardrobe to her underwear.

Despite a few unflattering garments she wears around the house, Carey's closet is full of sexy lingerie, arranged in different sections corresponding to colour.

Carey explains, "I had a whole sexy wardrobe. OK, I also have a robe, some slippers and a pair of boxer shorts in there, but ignore that.

"I like lingerie that's lacy and normally white. But then I also love dressing up in pink lingerie - and black is hot too. I have everything laid out in colours so I can pick them out quickly.

"It's right off my bathroom so rather than going down to my main closet soaking wet, all dripping and nude, I decided to make a nice lingerie closet.

"That way I can jump out of my tub, run naked into the next room and put on a nice little number."

22/04/2005 09:09