Singer Mariah Carey is hitting the road this summer (06) and is so happy in her professional and personal life, she wants to capture the whole thing on film. The tour, called THE ADVENTURES OF MIMI, will mark the DON'T FORGET ABOUT US star's first return to the road since 2003. She explains, "I've always associated going to a show with summer, and the sense of freedom that evokes. "And now, because I'm at a really good place in my life and career, I want to document it." The star will even have a tour bus, although she may not be spending much time on it. She says, "I had a small one in Europe, but I didn't sleep on it or anything. Someone, I won't say who, told me, 'The bathroom may be a little small for you.'" Rapper Sean Paul will open a number of shows for Carey, who hints that other hip-hop collaborators may join her along the way. She adds, "It depends on who's in town and available, but there are artists I have enough of a relationship with - Jermaine Dupri, Busta Rhymes. "When I'm in LA, maybe SNOOP (DOGG) will be around. "