Superstar Mariah Carey has slammed her former record label Sony for refusing to release her Snoop Dogg collaboration as a single.

The HONEY singer, 35, duetted with the rapper on the track CRY BABY from her 2000 album RAINBOW and was upset when record label bosses decided to keep it as an album track only.

Carey, whose ex-husband is Sony music mogul Tommy Mottola, says, "(THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI) is the third time I've worked with Snoop.

"I did Cry Baby with him, but Sony didn't want to release it as a single because, well... I don't know why - some stupid reason. They were always against the whole rap thing.

"Snoop loves my old records. He was really cool the first time we met - he was going on about how much he loved my song VISION OF LOVE. He had the single when he was in jail."

22/04/2005 02:56