Superstar Mariah Carey is still proud of her 2002 flop movie WISEGIRLS, despite the crime caper going straight to DVD.

The FANTASY hitmaker's second film was a hit at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, but following Carey's disastrous reviews for her debut movie GLITTER, Wisegirls never hit the big screen.

Carey says the film got such a good reception, even Sean Penn praised her performance.

She tells the NEW YORK POST, "That made me see how good an experience movies can be. When we showed it at Sundance, we got a standing ovation. Too bad nobody remembers the good movie, they just remember the great debacle.

"Sean Penn came up to me at a party after Sundance and told me he saw and enjoyed Wisegirls, and not to give up just because of one bad movie.

"I was thrilled. You can't get better praise and advice in the movie business."

11/04/2005 02:58