Mariah Carey has hatched plans to follow in Madonna's footsteps - by writing her own series of illustrated children's books.

The curvaceous singer, whose album The Emancipation Of Mimi is currently number one in the US, started working on AUTOMATIC PRINCESS last summer (04).

The project got slightly derailed because Carey was recording her album simultaneously, but she says now is the right time to revisit the idea.

She tells MTV NEWS, "The way I do things, I need to be involved. I wouldn't just be like, 'Here's a concept, go run with it.'

"It's still something I really want to do, and I'm going to do, and I'm going to start getting that into production soon."

The series will explore the journey of a biracial orphan girl who goes through what Carey experienced as a child.

22/04/2005 09:09