Mariah Carey has dismissed suggestions her upcoming tour will be a theatrical extravaganza inspired by Madonna, insisting her biggest priority is song choice. The HONEY hitmaker sparked concern among die-hard fans after her musical director - American Idol judge RANDY JACKSON - revealed on a US talk show they had been inspired by the Madonna's Confessions tour, which kicked off last month (MAY06). But Carey is adamant her show will be more focused on classic vocals than publicity stunts, and is spending hours deciding her set list. She tells MTV, "It's about the music, the songs and connecting with the fans. "Here's the thing, a lot of people just do their new stuff, and I can do that, but I'm the kind of person who hates to disappoint people, and there are just some people who won't be happy unless they hear a specific song. "So I'm trying to take certain songs that are, dare I say, classics, to new places. "We're going way back, and it's not necessarily all number one hits."