Pop beauty Mariah Carey falls out with her family and friends every Christmas - because she insists on playing non-stop festive tunes throughout the yuletide period.

The HONEY singer is currently writing a musical based on her 1994 album MERRY CHRISTMAS, and she admits her obsession with carols turns the festive holiday into an annual nightmare for those around her.

She explains, "It's the most important thing. I go to Aspen (Colorado) with friends and family. We are so festive we're like little kids.

"We go on sleigh rides, Santa Claus comes to visit us and, you know, it's just beautiful. It's snowing and it's a winter wonderland.

"But I don't let anybody listen to anything but Christmas music for the entire time and they end up really hating me by the end of the trip."

29/05/2005 10:57