Pop beauty Mariah Carey was so petrified of her over-protective ex-husband - she fantasised about being kidnapped so she could escape his domineering presence.

The GLITTER star complains music mogul Tommy Mottola controlled every aspect of her life during their marriage, leading to her mental breakdown in 2001.

The 35-year-old ended her five-year marriage to Mottola in 1998, and her subsequent therapy sessions have helped her learn from the stressful period, and her desperate kidnap longings.

She says, "I was totally trapped. I got married because he was so overprotective I thought if we got married he would lighten up.

"I was so wrong. He was in control of every aspect of my life. I wasn't eating. I wasn't sleeping.

"I used to wish someone would come and kidnap me, get me out of there."

01/04/2005 14:00