The jeweller who designed Mariah Carey's $2.5 million (GBP1.25 million) wedding ring has been banned from hosting a charity event after philanthropists discovered his shady past.
Diamond tycoon Jacob the Jeweler, real name Jacob Arabo, was due to host a cocktail party on Wednesday night (14May08) at his New York boutique for children's charity Hale House.
But committee members pulled the plug at the last-minute after discovering Arabo - who has also designed jewels for Bono and Sir Elton John - was arrested in 2006 on money laundering charges, and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of giving false statements to police. He is currently awaiting sentencing.
A spokesperson for the charity tells the New York Daily News, "Hale House completely disassociated itself from (Arabo). They're doing their best to repair their reputation."
Arabo's lawyer Benjamin Brafman says his client has donated "to every major charity in the country, and he will continue to do so".