Chart-topper Mariah Carey will only flirt with a man if she suspects he's gay.

The curvaceous singer, who claims to have had a very low number of sexual partners in her life, enjoys flirting - but only with men who will not try to take her home.

She says, "I'm a big flirt - even though the fame thing hinders my flirtability. Even if I'm flirting mildly, the guy takes it as, 'Oh, she likes me!'

"Then, because I don't go home with every Tom, Dick and Harry, I'll spend the entire night steering him away from that idea. So I can only do it with guys I think might be gay."

And even if Carey decides she'll get together with a man she has her eye on, she admits it's still not a straightforward experience.

She adds, "Usually I prefer to be friends with the person first. Most guys hate that too. Because the sly hustler guys don't want you to know what they're like, because then you won't want to be with them.

"See, they want to be with you, but then you might like the girl across the street, and the other girls walking by. That's especially true with famous men who can get whomever they want and whoever they're with will tolerate them cheating. I won't."

05/04/2005 09:29