Mariah Carey decided to drastically alter her image with a series of sexy photo shoots in the mid-1990s after becoming disenchanted with the sensible direction her career had taken.

The WE BELONG TOGETHER singer admits she began posing in her underwear as a direct response to not being allowed a saucy image in her younger years.

The 35-year-old says, "When I started I was in agreement that we didn't want to go too sexy and take the focus off me as a singer.

"But five years later I was like, 'Can we maybe do the hair straight? Show a little skin? This turtle-neck's about to consume my head!

"When I left that crew of people I had my rebellious stage - any time I could throw on a bikini and take a picture I was like 'Woah!' - doing the opposite of everything they tried to force me to do."

07/06/2005 13:42