Mariah Carey is hoping to spice up her Adventures Of Mimi tour with guest appearances from long-term collaborator Jermaine Dupri. The WE BELONG TOGETHER singer has worked with some of the biggest names in R+B and hip-hop, but she always has the most fun when she gets together with Janet Jackson's boyfriend. She tells, "I hope Jermaine is going to make it to a couple of shows. "I love everybody I work with, but Jermaine is my favourite person to collaborate with because he is a great artist, as well as producer, as well as collaborator. "We work together. A lot of times, I will just work on a melody and lyrics by myself and get a beat from somebody or tell them, 'Here's what I'm feeling' and they'll play it on the piano. "But Jermaine and I can sit there, work together, and really collaborate and have fun."