Mariah Carey is angry people still fail to acknowledge her as a talented songwriter in addition to her soaring vocal skills, and blames this on her stunning appearance.

The AGAINST ALL ODDS star loves grabbing attention when she wears traffic-stopping outfits, but is frustrated when people forget she is a songwriter and a producer as well.

She says, "So many people, after all of this time, are like, 'Oh, you write your songs?' It is so irritating.

"I do play into the diva thing because it is fun to dress up, put on a gown, and sing a song, but if Elton John wanted to dress up he would still be recognized as the artist he is.

"When it comes to females, it's different. Unless you're sitting behind a guitar or a piano, people don't look at you as a producer, an artist, a writer."

11/04/2005 17:39