Popstar and aspiring actress Mariah Carey was thrilled when she found out the producer of her latest film missed her performance in the box-office bomb GLITTER. Producer Lee Daniels cast Carey in the upcoming TENNESSEE after catching her performance in the 2002 independent drama WISEGIRLS. Carey tells MTV News, "I don't know if he's seen (Glitter) since then, but the great thing is, he's in the independent-film world and that's where WiseGirls was such a great validating moment for me - even though it was totally overshadowed by the debacle of Glitter." The singer, who plays a waitress in Tennessee, as she did in Wisegirls, claims the role was a real departure adding, "The character is so not what you would think. "This is not about hairdos and ensembles. The girl's in the trenches."