Sexy singer Mariah Carey has stepped up her reputation as a diva after demanding a hotel provide her with two DVD players - so she could watch herself on TV.

The CHARMBRACELET star arrived at London's exclusive CLARIDGES HOTEL at the weekend (25/26OCT03) for a two-day promotional tour, and immediately requested her penthouse suite be equipped with six de-humidifiers to protect her voice, an extra room to use as a wardrobe and chilled Evian water in "plastic bottles only".

And staff were stunned to discover her only use for the DVD players was to watch footage of herself.

A source close to the pop favourite tells Britain's The Sun tabloid, "Mariah is as well known for her demands and huge entourage as she is for her voice.

"Every time she goes abroad, her team have to organise everything down to the smallest detail. She never knows what to wear so insists on bringing everything with her."

28/10/2003 02:19