Mariah Carey has declared the soundtrack to her flop movie GLITTER the best work she's ever done - despite its critical mauling.

Posters for her upcoming album, The Emancipation Of Mimi, declare "The Voice is Back" for the 12 April (05) release, but Carey insists her ignored 2001 movie and soundtrack serve as evidence that her talent has always been present.

She says, "The voice has been here all along. Even if you listen to the oh-so-dissed Glitter (soundtrack), there is a song called LEAD THE WAY which is one of my best vocal performances ever."

Carey believes her talents may have been doubted recently because she doesn't always show off the largeness of her voice.

She adds, "People who only heard certain singles would be like, 'Why is she singing so breathy?' Some people are of the opinion that if you have a big voice you should use it all the time.

"I don't want to hear someone scream at me all the time."

30/03/2005 02:30