Mariah Carey recently found her name caught in the midst of a bizarre battle, when a man filed a lawsuit over his tattoo of the singing superstar.

On US TV show THE PEOPLE'S COURT, a man who had Carey's image tattooed onto his body felt the artist didn't do justice to her and was suing because the tattoo wasn't as beautiful as the GLITTER star.

And Carey was so shocked when pals told her about the episode, she made a special request to see it.

She says, "Somebody taped it for me because I didn't believe them. It was interesting.

"It's an honour that somebody would do that, but then I couldn't believe it made it to The People's Court. When I was growing up I watched The People's Court, and I'm like, 'I'm on The People's Court as a tattoo!'"

12/05/2005 21:17