Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have given up their house hunt in California's San Fernando Valley - because they're desperate to start a family over the hill in Los Angeles.
The thoughtful couple has been looking at schools as well as mansions, after deciding that Carey's native New York was no place to raise a child.
But, two weeks after Carey splashed out over $200,000 (GBP142,800) on furniture at Beverly Hills' trendy Kreiss store, she and her husband are still looking for a home to put it all in.
An insider tells WENN, "They still don't have a house yet, but they do have an interior designer helping them make their choice and they've ruled out buying a place in the Valley.
"I don't believe Mariah is pregnant yet but she and Nick are talking about having children and they want their kids to go to school in Los Angeles."
Carey certainly doesn't look pregnant, but onlookers spotted her declining alcohol during a recent business lunch with Cannon and advisors, while her husband sipped beer.
One diner at the restaurant the pop star chose for the luncheon says, "She drank ice tea. Maybe she just wanted to keep a clear head. She certainly didn't look pregnant."
Meanwhile, a new report in U.S. magazine In Touch Weekly suggests Carey, 39, has been paying visits to a Beverly Hills fertility expert.
She and Cannon were spotted holding hands and laughing as they left the Southern California Reproductive Center on 19 February (09).
Both Carey and Cannon, who wed last April (08), have spoken about their family plans, with actor/rapper Cannon hoping for a big family.
He recently said, "Maybe we'll have as many (kids) as the Octo-mom."
A source tells the publication, "Mariah has always wanted a baby."