Mariah Carey is rumoured to be replaced with Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol'.

The 43-year-old pop star - who is paid a staggering $18 million to be judge on the singing competition - could be replaced with the 'If You Had My Love' hitmaker in next year's show as TV bosses are disappointed with Mariah's impact on ratings.

Bosses were allegedly keen to axe Mariah half way through the current season, but sources told The Hollywood Reporter they were threatened with legal action by her legal team so they had to back off.

Nicki Minaj could also be facing the axe as her wild ways and over the top behaviour has supposedly put viewers off.

The 'Superbass' singer almost made Kree Harrison - one of the show's favourite acts - cry after she pounced on her and told her: ''That is NOT a top four-worthy performance. Everyone can blow smoke up you're a**hole but that wasn't it.''