Pop star Mariah Carey has hit back at Christina Aguilera, after the DIRRTY singer claimed Carey was "never cool to me" in the June (06) issue of GQ magazine. Aguilera told the magazine, "One time, we were at a party and I think she got really drunk, and she had just really derogatory things to say to me. "But it was at that time that she had that breakdown, so she might have been very medicated." Carey was hospitalised in 2001 for exhaustion, after several bizarre public appearances. The WE BELONG TOGETHER singer slams Aguilera's claims, telling entertainment news show Access Hollywood, "I had hoped that Christina was in a better place now than the last time I saw her, when she showed up uninvited at one of my parties and displayed questionable behaviour. "It is sad yet predictable that she would use my name at this time to reinvent past incidents for her promotional gain. It is in my heart to forgive and I will keep her in my prayers." Aguilera, whose new album, Back to Basics is set for release on 15 August (06), insists she wasn't trying to start a fight with the singer. When asked to respond to Carey's comments, Aguilera told Access Hollywood, "I do not want any bad energy with anyone. "My intentions were not to upset Mariah with any statements that were published or taken out of context. I have all the respect in the world for her."