Maria Shriver and her mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver made history yesterday (08APR05), when they joined pal Oprah Winfrey for their first ever TV interview together.

Shriver, wife of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and her mother appeared on Winfrey's top-rated chat show to talk about their loving relationship and family life.

They also dished out advice to mothers and daughters with troubled relationships.

Veteran journalist Shriver said of her parent, "I admire my mother more than anybody in the world... (My mom and dad) never talked about money in the house. They only talked about what they were doing to make the world a better place."

And mother-of-four Shriver proudly noted that she now has a few wise words to pass on to her offspring, adding, "I always say it to my daughters: 'Well-behaved women never make history!'"

09/04/2005 02:24