Maria Shriver ''respects'' Miley Cyrus.

The mother of the 'We Can't Stop' hitmaker's boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger is reportedly finally on board with their relationship and has ''warmed up'' to the idea of Miley and Patrick.

A source shared: ''Maria is a very hard egg to crack. But now she sees that the relationship isn't just a passing fad or phase, so she has warmed up quite a bit and is starting to respect Miley as a person.

''Patrick has really shown that he hasn't changed by being with Miley and Maria is very happy with that. Maria just doesn't want her son to get his heart broken but it looks like everyone is in a good place right now.''

This is surely good news for the couple as they are reportedly getting ''more serious'', with the pair even discussing marriage.

Another insider told ''They are not engaged, she would say yes if he asked.

''They have talked about it, but they are going to continue being a couple without the officialness of engagement or marriage for a while.''

The couple are said to be even testing the water with friends by telling them they have gotten engaged.