Maria Menounos appears to be taking her shocking Dancing With The Stars elimination in her stride. She and partner Derek Hough had the highest scores out of all the four remaining teams on the reality show, but still failed to secure enough viewer votes to make next week's final.

Menounos, 33, opened up to US Weekly magazine about her elimination, which came in the same week that rival Katherine Jenkins made a glaring mistake on the dance-floor. The television presenter and model said, "We finished last night and I was so happy, I was over the moon and I said to [Derek], 'I did what I had to do. And tomorrow- que sera!' Whatever happens from this point on . . .no one will ever know.But I did it. I'm happy and proud of what I did". Despite her success, Menounos said she began preparing for her exit after partner Derek told her he thought it would be their week to leave. Hough added, "I had a real sense of calm today and I said either way, whatever happens, I'm going to be good". The 26-year-old professional said he was pleased with what the pair had achieved on the show, and added, "[We went] out on a high note.We have not had a bad dance".

Next week's final will be contested by William Levy, DONALD DRIVER and Welsh mezzo-soprano Jenkins.