Maria Menounos will have more reason to feel aggrieved than most at the New England Patriots Super Bowl defeat to the New York Giants at the weekend. The host of 'Extra' had made a bet with the show's New York correspondent A.J Calloway which meant that if the Giants had lost he'd have had to wear a Patriots cheer leader outfit when shooting the program in New York city's Times Square. However if the Patriots lost Menounos would be forced to wear a Giants bikini whilst hosting - and as we all now know that's exactly what happened as the Patriots lost out 21-17 despite holding a 17-15 lead going into the final quarter.
The Daily Gossip reports that during the weekend's 'Extra' show Calloway became pretty confident that the Giants would win it, goading his host "You better be doing some lunges, because it's a small bikini," though Menounos remained hopeful, stating "there's still time."
Unluckily for the presenter there wasn't, and the next the public saw of her was a picture posted on twitter of her in a white robe, with the tweet "Ready to face the music. Flying to ny is gonna stink. At least it's not bitter cold there. Should be 50 degrees I hear". Gracious to the last, Menounos duly dropped her robe in Times Square in front of hundreds of cheering Giants fans, but took to Twitter later to defend her beloved Patriots, saying "Sorry, but you know what - I love the Pats for fighting to the bitter end. PatrioTpride".