Hollywood beauty Maria Bello was terrified of filming a violent scene with co-star Alec Baldwin in new movie THE COOLER - because he was so convincing.

The 37-year-old star found Baldwin's performance so involving she didn't even have to act, because she was genuinely frightened.

She says, "One of the first scenes we did was the scene where he and I get in a fight in a hotel room, and you see my character in the movie shaking because I was literally shaking.

"I was petrified, and part of it had to do with Alec as an actor - he's so willing to go there.

"He shows up in this scene where he's supposed to be viciously angry and when he looks at me, I'm terrified by the look in his eye.

"And yet when they call cut he's the first one to squeeze you and hug you."

25/05/2004 21:13