Margot Robbie thinks movie sets are more like ''glorified construction sites''.

The 27-year-old actress may have a successful career on the big screen, but she has admitted she's envious of her friends who work in offices because they get to slip into smart suits every day, whereas she has to squat on a portaloo and rely on fried food when she's shooting a film.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Margot said: ''I feel like my friends who work in offices have more glamorous jobs. They do their make-up, put on a tailored skirt and blouse and go to work. I go to work in my pyjamas and my Ugg boots and we are pretty much on a glorified construction site, sitting in the dirt on plastic chairs using Portaloos and eating fried food.

''That's what acting actually is. Then a handful of times in the year you get to put on a designer dress and get glammed up.''

The blonde beauty - who is up for Best Actress at this year's Academy Awards for her portrayal of Tonya Harding in 'I, Tonya' - feels she is a better actor if she cannot recognise herself on screen.

She said: ''As long as I don't look like myself or sound like myself, I'm able to not feel like myself - and if I don't feel like myself, I feel like I'm doing better acting. Another wonderful thing about acting is getting to do and say things I would never do or say in real life. Tonya got to say a lot of things I would never get to say in real life. Just being as candid as her is sometimes liberating. All I ever do is talk and think about work! I love movies, I love going to the movies, reading scripts, so none of it feels like work. Outside of that, I love travelling, learning something I didn't know before.''

And, although she loves her job, the 'Suicide Squad' star hates that she can't commit to things.

She said: ''You miss out on things. People say 'oh, can you come to my wedding in six months' time?'

''I can't tell you what part of the world I'll be living in in six months.''