Margot Robbie believes sexism is ''naturally ingrained in people''.

The 'Birds of Prey' star says she still regularly experiences prejudice because she's a woman, and believes sexism isn't something that will ever go away, because it's an ''inherent thing everyone has got in their DNA''.

She said: ''[Sexism is] naturally ingrained in people - even if you are the one who should be dictating the decisions - that they turn to the closest, eldest male in the room and direct the question at them. It's just an inherent thing everyone has got in their DNA.''

Margot claims she even experiences sexism when it comes to her production company LuckyChap Entertainment, as she says people will ask her male producing partners questions before considering her response.

She added: ''When people are asking a question and I have the answer, they so readily will turn to my producing partners who are guys and ask them. It's a finance thing, so I will ask the guy. And they are like, 'actually she is the one with the answer, you should ask her!' It's the societal construct we have grown up knowing.''

But the 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' actress knows most people ''want to embrace'' equality, and believes it won't be long before people teach themselves to ignore their sexist ''mindset''.

Margot explained: ''I think the interesting thing now is that everyone is so conscious of that and they often catch themselves. I think people want to embrace the idea of equality. I think they are a little shocked they hadn't before, and they didn't have that mindset and weren't conscious of it.''

And whilst the blonde beauty is busy being critical of others for their mindsets, she's also ''very critical'' of herself, as she says she never gives herself enough credit for a job well done.

Speaking to Glamour UK's January 2020 digital issue, she said: ''I am very, very self-critical and I am very critical of my work. I set a very high standard for myself. I always want to be doing better and I always think I can be doing better.

''I don't think there is one moment where I have thought, 'you have nailed it.' I always think, 'you did what you set out to do but you missed the mark here and next time you are going to do it differently.' I do have that inner voice that is constantly striving for something better.''