Margot Robbie has a ''newfound respect'' for ice skaters.

The 27-year-old actress learned to ice skate for her role as figure skater Tonya Harding for 'I, Tonya' and admits she ended up falling on the ice ''a bunch'' of times, so much so that she has a ''deep respect'' for these sport stars.

Speaking to the New York Post's Page Six column, she said: ''I have a deep and newfound respect for ice skaters. It was really hard and I did fall a bunch - but it was also extremely fun. I had an amazing trainer who has worked with a lot of professionals. She was incredibly patient with me ... It's kind of like ballet. Half the art to it is making it look so effortless, when really it takes an extraordinary amount of power and strength and agility.''

It comes after Margot revealed she was given some tips from Tonya herself about the best way to train for the role.

She said: ''I was like, 'I've been working on my legs. I'm trying to get stronger in my legs. She's like, 'Forget that, worry about your core strength'. I was like, 'OK, I'll do more sit ups.'''

And the 'Suicide Squad' star admits she found it ''scary'' playing someone who is still alive.

She confessed: ''It's scary playing a real life person especially when that person is still very much alive. Everyone has a recollection of what they think happened, and it's kind of fun and interesting to show a different side of that story and maybe a side to Tonya that people weren't expecting to see.''