The fun-loving Australian fell in love with the British capital while promoting The Wolf of Wall Street there and decided to buy a pad with some friends.

At one point, the actress had seven housemates all living under the same roof - in a cramped four-bedroom house.

Margot loved to party when she was between jobs but when friends wrecked her passport she knew it was time to give up the communal life.

"I had flown in from somewhere and there was a party going on at the house, as there usually was...," she recalled during an appearance on Live! With Kelly on Friday (29Jul16). "I put my stuff down on a bench, go to grab a drink and someone spilled a bottle of vodka on my passport.

"In their drunken state they thought, 'We should dry it out', and put it in the microwave... and of course there's, like, an electronic chip in your passport, so that broke. Plus, like, the picture's all (ruined)."

The actress didn't realise it had been destroyed at first and explained she has only just picked up a new passport and spent the past two years trying to get through customs at airports around the world with a "water-damaged" travel document.

"Every time I try to get into a country - and I'm flying, like, once a week - they pull me aside and tell me, 'Ma'am, your passport is really water damaged...," she said. "I say, 'It's vodka damage, actually! It's a long story'."