Margot Robbie doesn't wear her wedding ring during the week.

The 27-year-old actress announced she was married to her partner Tom Ackerley in December last year, but almost 12 months on and the blonde-haired beauty has admitted she ''obviously'' does not don the accessory during the week when she is working in fear of losing it.

She said: ''I can't obviously wear it during the week when I'm working. I don't want to lose it on set.''

However, Margot will slip her rings back on her left hand on the weekends.

She added: ''I get to wear this on the weekends.''

And the 'Suicide Squad' star - who met her director beau in 2013 on set of 'Suite Francaise', in which Margot played Celine - believes nothing has changed between her and her 27-year-old husband since they tied the knot, as they still remain as ''best friends and roommates''.

She said: ''That's the thing, we were best friends and roommates before and now we're like best friends and roommates still, so nothing's really changed at all.''

Meanwhile, 'The Wolf of Wall Street' icon has admitted her career takes its toll on her, and she has had her fair share if ''meltdowns'' because of her busy schedule, which means she misses out on family celebrations, holidays and other events.

Speaking in the December issue of Vogue Australia, she said: ''It's hard, I'm sure a tonne of people reading this have their own business and it's so hard. Having a business is stressful and time-consuming, but it's incredibly rewarding. There are obviously a lot of times where I'll have a meltdown and go: 'I can't do it anymore.' And you miss out on a lot of things, like you rarely go on holidays, you miss everyone's weddings, everyone's birthdays.

''I haven't been home once this year, I haven't seen my best friends, my nephew. So there's that side to it where it kind of hurts to sacrifice those things, but it's also enormously satisfying to build something and to be part of something. ''

However, Margot is ''thrilled'' with her successful career at the helm of the entertainment business.

She said: ''It's wild to think it's been 10 years since 'Neighbours'. It's so crazy because time has flown, but at the same time, so, so much has happened. I'm thrilled with where I'm at in my career. I've got absolutely no regrets, every experience has been incredible, character-building and career-shaping.''