Margot Robbie loves reality television.

The 28-year-old star might be busy conquering Hollywood as a successful actress, but she admits she always finds time to settle down and watch her favourite shows, especially UK reality programme 'Love Island', which sees hopeful singles enter a villa in the quest to find the perfect romance.

She said: ''I won't know what to do when 'Love Island' finishes. I mean, what will I watch? It's literally the most addicting thing on TV ever. We have dedicated our summer to watching those guys. We are going to miss them.''

The 'I, Tonya' star admits she always settles down with pizza and beer before watching the popular programme, and can't believe how ''incredible'' the contestants look.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper, she said: ''I love sitting down and watching all these beautiful people have their dramas while I lie there on the sofa eating pizza and drinking beer. I'm like 'How do all of these people stay in such incredible shape?' There isn't much body fat on that island.''

Although Margot loves to binge on reality TV, she doesn't like to do it by herself, as she recently admitted that being on her own drives her ''insane''.

She said: ''I never do anything on my own. I don't see the purpose of doing anything if I don't do it with my friends. I go mental when I am on my own; my thoughts are so loud it drives me insane.''

But the 'Suicide Squad' star was fiercely independent as a child.

She added: ''We weren't easy kids, we didn't make it easy for Mum. When I was five I was watching my mum put spread on my sandwich for school and I was saying, 'It's not going to the edges', and she was like, 'If I am not doing it right, do it yourself.' So I started making my own lunch from five years old. If I wanted something a certain way I just did it myself. Mum says it sums me up. I'm still trying to make it up to her.''