The Wolf Of Wall Street star Margot Robbie had a jet-setting adventure on her way to audition with Will Smith for new film Focus after her agent tracked her down on vacation in Croatia and gave her a day to get to New York.

The Australian actress had just completed an early morning swim when the call she had been waiting for came in.

She tells Wenn, "It was six in the morning and I had been swimming right before I got the call that I needed to be doing an audition with Will Smith, like, tomorrow in New York - 'and your flight's booked for tonight!'

"I asked the woman at the hostel I was staying, 'How do I get off this island to the mainland?' She said, 'Oh, there's only one boat a day and it leaves in 20 minutes!' I grabbed all my stuff and left half in the hostel, raced off and got this Catamaran, took a bus, and then another bus and got to the airport.

"I went to France and then to New York. By the time I got to New York I had now not slept in over two days - and they lost my luggage! My audition was about seven hours away, so I walked in with wet sneakers and ripped denim shorts and a pajama shirt which was the only dry thing I had before they lost my luggage; I had just swapped it.

"I said, 'I cannot meet Will Smith in my pajama shirt', so I went to a Topshop and grabbed a top and then walked in and still looked horrendous! And then Will was late."

And Smith admits he wasn't too impressed with Robbie's appearance, explaining, "I thought to myself, 'Wow, she really doesn't want this job!'"